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Industrial Bakery Equipment For Pizza

From Pressed or Sheeted Pizzas to crust-only systems. Dunbar Systems Inc. is your partner in finding solutions.

Industrial Bakery Equipment For Pizza | Dunbar Systems

Pizza is one of the best selling and popular fast food in the world. You can always order a pizza for any type of party or a quick bite during lunch break. On average, three billion pizzas are sold each year in the United States alone.

Pizza is usually made out of flat dough and topped with your choice of savouries. At Dunbar Systems Inc., we can design, source and install a fully integrated solution that fits your operation.


Sheeted pizza dough is usually created to have a flat surface which will produce a cracker-like crust, it is the industry standard for a freshly baked pizza without the labor cost of making dough balls. The dough is pre-made and prepared by adding your favorite savories before baking. Dunbar Systems Inc. offers the right solution to create and produce a perfect sheeted pizza dough from small to massive production.


Pressed Dough is produced to simplify and quicken the pizza-making process in the kitchen. Creating the perfect size of pizza dough is done with just one press using our innovative equipment ensuring that each dough’s thickness is consistent and creates a defined crust. Our team guarantees that all equipment will make the production even faster, more reliable and more efficient.


Apply pizza toppings evenly and efficiently, Dunbar Systems Inc. can design lucrative equipment that can be used for both round and square pizzas, with or without topping on the edge. Pizza topper operates by applying fresh or frozen products onto the baked or unbaked dough. The team at Dunbar can design, source and install the right topper to fit your production needs.


Frozen pizzas are sold ready to bake without the process of making the dough or adding the toppings. It is pre-packaged and commonly sold in supermarkets with instructions on how to bake it the rest of the way before the expiry date.

The major process of making pizza commonly starts with weighing all the ingredients to get the right consistency for each product, it is followed by kneading the ingredients together to form a solid dough using a dough handling systems followed by the process of pressing the pizza dough into its right form and producing a perfect pizza dough.

Our system guarantees that all toppings are measured and applied equally to each pizza, the toppings can be adjusted and applied the way you want it to fit your production needs. It will then proceed to packaging each pizza dough depending on the production’s requirement before selling it to consumers.

When it comes to your pizza production, Dunbar has the authority. Our industrial bakery equipment solution is simple, cost-effective and innovative. We produce high quality products by  keeping up to date with new technologies and developing new strategies. We have an inline process that can be used separately or integrated into an adaptable production line. Our design systems will allow you to maximize your production efficiency.

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, professionals at Dunbar Systems Inc. are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to providing the right industrial equipment for pizza. We can help you identify the right solution for your operations. Our team of professionals follows certain steps to understand your current business process and formulate a customized solution to achieve your production goals.

If you need support in a custom automated system for your commercial bakery, contact us today for more information.

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