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Industrial Bakery Equipment For Cookies

Consistent and high-speed frozen cookie dough or fully baked cookie lines.

Cookies are a classic, well-loved treat, often enjoyed with milk, coffee or tea. Similar to other sweet goods, the staple ingredients of these baked confections typically consist of flour, sugar, and some type of oil or fat. Textures and flavours can vary with ingredients such as nuts, raisins, oats, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and many other combinations and varieties. In fact, many hundreds of cookie recipes exist! Additionally, cookies may be simple or elaborate, offering a great canvas to feature decorations such as sprinkles, icing, or other designs.

Cookies are small, flat and sweet. They are usually chewy; harder, crispier textured cookies are sometimes referred to as ‘biscuits,’ although this term is more commonly heard in other English-speaking parts of the world, excluding Canada and the United States.

With the guidance from the experts at Dunbar Systems Inc., we’ll design a high-speed bakery system with the right machinery for your bakery operation to create the perfect cookie every time.

The word cookie comes from the Dutch word koekje, which means “little cake.” English, Scotch, and Dutch immigrants originally brought the first cookies to North America. Preferred cookies flavours or availability were historically, and sometimes still are, a reflection of geographic location. Culinary historians cite the first historic record of cookies was actually the use of a small amount of batter to test oven temperatures. The earliest cookie-style confection dates all the way back to 7th century A.D. in Persia, where sugar was first cultivated. Later, with the increase in global exploration and trade, hard-style biscuits were ever-present on European ships because they were an easily portable, stable food that could stay edible for many months. During the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe, baking was a highly trained-for, sought-after and esteemed profession, with regulatory-bodies carefully overseeing the amount and quality of goods produced. With improvements in technology during the Industrial Revolution, cookie styles expanded, as did their commercializability. Nevertheless, the core ingredients remained the same.

Mass production of cookies for today’s commercial bakeries follow a standard process, beginning with dough being combined in a commercial mixer. Dough Handling Systems and Product Make-up Equipment will ensure consistent shape and weight. A conveyor belt delivers the formed cookie-dough to an automatic oven where temperature and humidity are carefully regulated for best results.

Here at Dunbar Systems Inc., we have streamlined our system as much as possible. We have an inline process that can be used separately or integrated with an adaptable production line. We can develop a full cookie production line for a larger and more effective operation, using advanced and innovative technology.

Our knowledgeable team will answer the most important questions about how to build an efficient system for your production process. With reliable and trusted partners, we focus on meeting your needs with the most advanced and cost-effective equipment the baking industry has to offer.

Our team will ensure smooth operation and be on-site to closely manage each system installation and provide you with the best and most delicious results.

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