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Industrial Bakery Equipment For Cakes

An artful, individual cake baked in a cup-shaped mold.

Cakes can be categorized in numerous ways and it can be made with different types of recipes, then molded into a variety of shapes or sizes. Generally, cakes consist of fat or shortening and a basic flour mixture as a foundation for creating a variety of flavors.

Depending on the elements, flavors, mixture that is added to the basic ingredients, and the type of pan used, cakes can have endless and unlimited options. The cake production process typically includes baking, cooling, frosting or decorating, storing and packaging which requires certain industrial bakery equipment that is customized for creating beautiful and delicious cakes.


Designed to serve one person, cupcakes are small cakes that can be baked in a small baking paper or cup. Cupcakes can be artfully decorated with icing or other cake decorations.

The team at Dunbar Systems Inc. structures a baking system that allows mass production that delivers scratch – like texture and appeal for every cupcake.


Versatile small batter cakes, often called snack cakes, are typically frosted and sold individually packaged or from a bakery case. These cakes can be made into different styles and small portions. Similar to other cakes, it can be flavored or plain.

At Dunbar Systems Inc, we’ll work with you to find the right industrial bakery system that will create a top-quality product and scale your snack cake recipes to size.


From round, square, half-sheet to full and individual sheet, cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and appearances. This famous dessert is well-known all over the world with its soft and moist textures and sweat creamy frostings.

No matter the type of your operation, Dunbar Systems Inc. will find the right bakery format that will increase your cake productivity and maximize your profits!

Commercial bakeries follow a standard process for mass production of cakes where the batter is mixed and combined in a commercial mixer to trap air and allow the cake to rise properly. After mixing the batter, the next process would be turning it into molds for baking.

With an automatic dosing system, molds are filled with batter and monitor its shape, weight, and level. Molds are then taken by a conveyor belt to an automatic oven where temperature and humidity are carefully regulated for best results. During the baking process, water is sprinkled on the cake’s surface to avoid cracks.

After the baking process, cakes will go through the cooling process which is an important part to avoid any collapse on the cake before going to packaging and delivering.

We streamlined our system as much as possible. We have an inline process that can be used separately or integrated with an adaptable production line. At Dunbar Systems Inc., we can develop a full cake production line for a larger and effective operation, using advanced and innovative technology

Our knowledgeable team will answer the most important question about ‘how’ to build the most effective and efficient system for your production process. With reliable and trusted partners, we focus on meeting your needs with the most advanced and cost-effective equipment the baking industry has to offer.

Our team will ensure smooth operation and be on-site to closely manage each system installation and provide you with the best and most delicious results.

If you need support with a custom automated system for your commercial bakery, contact us today for more information.

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