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Industrial Bakery Equipment For Croissants

Authentic, light and flaky Croissants are truly legendary.

Croissants are one of the most popular breakfast pastries because of  its perfect, light and flaky texture that everyone loves. You can see it in almost all of the bakeries across the world. Croissant comes in a variety of forms and flavors; plain or filled (chocolate, almond, pistachio), bent or round shape.

Every pastry starts off with having the right ingredients such as flour, yeast, sugar, etc. demanding accurate measurements especially with croissants to achieve its right form. Our automated solution makes the process of croissant production easy and cost effective for commercial bakeries; from mixing, kneading, baking, cooling to packaging.

We streamlined our system as much as possible. We have an inline process that can be used separately or integrated in an adaptable production line.

An industrial croissant line consists of three main elements: dough band former, lamination line and croissant machine.

Partnering with Rademaker, we are able to offer product make-up equipment options for high-quality croissants. This includes functions such as sheeting, filling, forming, cutting, etc. which is suitable for continuous production.

The dough handling process guarantees consistency when it comes to its form, weight and flavour while treating the dough gently. Next would be form cutting and lining the triangles, which is the heart of the process in croissant production, based on their sizes and weight, it requires the right equipment.

Moistening the dough triangles with water, which enables the dough triangle to penetrate during the molding process which is the last step that follows the cutting and turning processes.

Our industrial baking equipment for croissants are:

✔ Guaranteed to create an accurate dimension of the dough pieces.

✔ Gentle product handling from beginning to packaging.

✔ Easy to clean equipment allowing you to change products quickly

✔ High-quality Equipment for mass production.

✔ Designed to maximize your bakery efficiency.

From artisan to industrial and over 30 years of experience, Dunbar Systems offers a wide range of options and industrial bakery equipment solutions for different levels of croissant production. To meet your needs is important to us, that is why we ensure that our system will result in the perfect, best-tasting croissant for your bakery operation. Our unique system approach sets up apart.

With dedicated and knowledgeable staff and as experts in the industry, we know how critical it is to make the perfect pastries and we recognize your needs and requirements to create the perfect products for your business.

We can help you identify the right bakery solution for your operations. Our team of professionals follows certain steps to understand your current business process and formulate a customized solution to achieve your production goals.

Dunbar Systems Inc. is your croissant partner. We have been working with croissant product line since 1998 and have designed some of the largest systems in North America.

If you need support in custom automated system for your commercial bakery, contact us today for more information.

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