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Established in 2003, Workhorse Automation, Inc. specializes in the engineering and application of automated solutions for the commercial baking industry. Workhorse Automation, Inc. provides turnkey automated bakery solutions that can be implemented into Customer’s new lines or retrofitted into existing lines. Every solution from Workhorse Automation, Inc. is designed with the inherent flexibility, reliability, and productivity that accompany truly innovative automated and robotic systems.

At Workhorse Automation, Inc., we work with the customer to provide flexibility and real value, through standards rather than proprietary solutions. The Customer defines what is important. This approach is the reason why Workhorse Automation, Inc. is a leader in innovative solutions.

The Workhorse Automation Freezer Storage System is custom designed for each application. We use the latest proven technology to provide the most reliable product on the market. This system automatically tracks inventory, shelf life, and it operates on demand to satisfy your shipping requirements.

The Workhorse Automation Robotic Stacker/Unstacker is designed to provide a gentle (pan friendly) and accurate, high speed pan stacking system for all bakery pan and lid needs. This robotic stacker incorporates an intuitive Allen Bradley ™ control scheme which is user and maintenance friendly. In addition, the Workhorse Robotic Stacker/Unstacker will provide seamless integration between a Workhorse Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) or hand operated system.

The Workhorse Automation Peel Board Stacker/Unstacker is designed to provide a gentle and accurate, high speed stacking system. This robotic stacker incorporates an intuitive articulated robot or gantry style robot for speed and accuracy.