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Shick Solutions is a complete ingredient automation system provider. From dry ingredients that are highly abrasive, high in fat or fragile, to liquid ingredients with process critical temperatures or high viscosity, Shick can handle it with one of their reliable solutions.

Shick designs their system solutions to provide accuracy and consistency in our customers’ production processes to ensure years of successful operations.

Bulk ingredient handling is one of Shick Systems’ core strengths.

Unloading and Storage – We transfer ingredients from railcar, truck bulk or sacks into a variety of storage vessels that include silos, use bins and hoppers.

Silo Inventory – Our inventory systems provide a range of accuracy that depends on accuracy requirements. Methods include strain gauge, ultrasonic, load cells, point level and capacitance.
Conditioning (Drying/Cooling) – Because of climate changes and product sensitivity in moisture and temperature, we provide convey air-conditioning options.
Sifting – Our sifting solutions include rotary, deck and inline.
Scaling/Batching – We have scaling solutions for major and minor/micro ingredients.
Vacuum/Pressure – Our pneumatic conveying offerings include vacuum, pressure and combined systems. We evaluate our customers’ process and consider material characteristics, distance and other factors to determine the best system design.

Dilute/Dense Phase – In addition to vacuum and pressure pneumatic conveying systems, we also utilize dilute phase (suspension flow) and dense phase (slug flow) technologies to convey materials. The specific customer process, material characteristics, distance and other factors impact the choice of dilute vs. dense phase applications.

Consistency, cleanliness, accuracy, accountability, traceability, labor savings…all reasons to automate your minor ingredients. Although they’re called minor, they’re a major part of your process. With precise minor ingredient automation, we ensure product quality.
Because of the high demand for precision control, minor ingredient handling systems must provide exact measurements of ingredients with the assurance of repeatability and accurate reports that show recipe formulation and plant inventories.
Storage bins
Dust collection systems
Lot tracking
Process controls
Bag dump or supersack
Gain-in-weight or loss-in-weight systems

We’ve handled it all when it comes to liquids, from bulk oil and sweetener systems all the way to E3A dairy compliance. With our breadth of capabilities, we’re a leader in liquid handling. Leave your liquids to us.

CIP (Clean-In-Place) Skids – Our CIP systems handle the full demands of all types of equipment that are candidates for CIP integration.
Metering and Dosing Systems – We engineer systems for precise metering/dosing of all types of food ingredients and additives.
Cream Yeast Systems – We integrate our cream yeast storage and delivery systems with CIP capabilities and metering/inventory control.
Slurry Systems – We design mixing and delivery systems for all types of liquid mixing and blending requirements.
Liquid Fermentation Systems/(Liquid Brew Systems) – From raw ingredient handling to the sponger mixer, we design and implement entire liquid fermentation systems, including fermentation, chilling, cold storage and metered delivery.
Liquid Tote Systems – Our liquid tote systems include intermediate bulk container (IBC) storage and use systems with self-contained surge vessels, pumps, level detectors and gauges.
Water Blending Systems – Our water blending systems provide precise and two-or-three stream water blending with a variety of local or remote control and batching options.
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