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Dunbar Systems, Inc. is able to offer Product Make-up Equipment options for any product and situation.

Sweet Goods:Rademaker product make-up lines are the perfect compliment to the Auto-Bake production lines for Danish, Croissants, sweet rolls and similar specialty items.

All Rademaker make up lines have a universal base. Various functions such as sheeting, filling, forming, cutting, turning etc. are executed automatically. This production line is suitable for continuous production with various capacities.

The Rademaker laminator is suitable for the production of a high quality puff and / or Danish pastry and croissants. The process includes extrusion, sheeting and laminating (multiple layering of fat and dough).

In addition to the specialty items described above, Rademaker manufactures make-up lines for donut production, pie production, pizza crust production, pizza filling, moulded cakes and artisan breads.

Rademaker also provides sheet & layer cake decorating lines which again compliment the Auto-Bake cake production lines.

Bread & Buns: Generally, the make-up process for bread & buns is very similar. Once the dough is mixed, it is either distributed from a chunker or a pump to a dough divider. The dough pieces are then “rounded” and sent for a short “intermediate proof” either conveyorized or in a overhead unit to allow them to rest. Once rested, the dough pieces are transferred to the moulders where they are moulded into their final shape. The dough pieces are then deposited into pans and are transferred to the final proofer.

Bread make-up equipment consists of several components: Divider, Rounder, Intermediate Proofing Conveyors or Machine and finally the Moulder-Panner. Several suppliers of this equipment that work with Dunbar Systems are:

  • Shaffer
  • Kaak
  • Benda Mfg.
  • Rademaker
  • AMF

Specialty Items: Dunbar Systems can provide make-up equipment for many other types of bakery products, such as tortillas, pita bread, hearth products, bagels, donuts and pizza. Suppliers of this equipment that work with Dunbar Systems are:

  • Rademaker
  • KB Systems
  • AMF.
  • AM Manufacturing
  • Adamatic
  • Belshaw
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