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Selecting the right packaging machinery is a crucial decision in the success of any product, particularly in the food industry. At Kliklok-Woodman, we understand this. We work with our customers to ensure they choose equipment that suits their current and future production needs and requirements. That’s one of the reasons KW has been at the forefront of food packaging technology for 70 years.

Kliklok-Woodman is able to anticipate the changing needs of our customers because our expertise is focused on the core industries we have served for so many years: bakery, snack foods, frozen/prepared foods, cereal and industries requiring related technologies. Understanding the industries we serve helps us keep you one step ahead of today’s evolving marketplace.

For almost seven decades Kliklok-Woodman has grown from respected pioneer to exceptional innovator in the packaging machinery industry. Why? Simple: we continuously invest considerable effort and resources to ensure that our packaging machinery remains the number one choice for food producers worldwide.

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