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Greenville TN

 C&C Millwright Maintenance Company, serves a broad base and has so since 1973.  Located in upper Tennessee, our base of customers covers all regions of the United States.  While obviously, a majority our business is located in the southeaster US we serve customers from the East coast to the west coast.  Our experience has allowed us to be comfortable in the international arena particularly in the European and South American Markets.

Everyday we strive to be a High Performance Organization capable of meeting our customer’s demands which typically encompass, quality, timely completion and fiscal responsibility. You can view customer testimonials within this site which attest to our high performance goals not only from a C&C perspective but also from the customer’s point.

We offer a broad spectrum of services whether it’s commercial construction, foundations, rigging, electrical and mechanical installation, crane service, heavy hauling and other general millwright services. We also provide plant relocation, project management and plant maintenance outsourcing capabilities.

Quality high performance is attained through three distinct variables; quality people, managerial expertise and proven project management techniques. “Quality Work With Quality People” sums up this methodology. Our employees are highly skilled craftsman and trade workers who when coupled with the over 100 years of millwright managerial experience culminates into a formidable team.

Doing things right the first time in a consistently excellent manner while remaining focused has allowed for our success over the years. We committ to our customers that if it can be done, C & C will get the project completed, on-time and in-budget.