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Capway Automation is a fresh new company built on a ton of bakery experience, brilliant engineering, and a robust offering of American-made products for a broad range of global customers. Capway approaches each challenge with a clean slate and an open mind. And, Capway has the capabilities and knowledge to satisfy your needs – from integrating an existing system or envisioning a new product facility.

Conveyor Systems – Capway Intralox I-Drive Conveyors

Intermediate Drive (I-Drive) technology is a unique drive system that can engage the belt in the carryway and returnway. With I-Drive technology, you have the freedom to run a single belt for long distances without transfers.

Capway Introlox Pan Conveyors

Oven Systems – Oven Loader

The Capway Oven Loader ensures a reliable way of feeding different pan types onto the oven hearth.

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