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Maysville OK

Since 1961, Burford Corporation has been creating some of the most high quality commercial bakery equipment in America. Burford prides itself on developing Practical bakery solutions through innovative technologies. Bakery equipment and product solutions range from Bagging Machines to Spraying Machines.

“Our traditional philosophy has not changed over time. At Burford, we’re still producing the best bakery equipment since Earl and Charles Burford invented our first “twist tie” machine in 1961. We’ve built a corporation and a reputation on their values and intend to keep it that way.”

When we introduced our SMART Seeder, we guaranteed a minimum savings of 20%, we haven’t come close to missing that guarantee! Is that knowing what you’re doing or what? Not only did we give great savings but the quality of topping application was so much better. With the price of Sesame Seed, wow did that come at the right time!