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Bakon Equipment BV is a leading international company that was founded in 1986 in The Netherlands by Henk Wijs and Frank Coenmans.

In 1991, the US company, Bakon USA Food Equipment, was created to better serve the needs of the North-American customers.

The company focuses on specific technologies and their applications in the food industry, especially the bakery, pastry and chocolate world.



With 25 years of existence in North America, Bakon USA has a real appreciation for the passion of the people working every day in the food industry. We love your constant focus on producing quality and your relentless search for innovative and delicious ideas.

We want our company to be your partner of choice. We love being part of your success. We are excited about your new creative projects.

With the teams of Koma and OCF, we are bringing to the market a unique product line. We want to have a real contribution to the quality of your products from the production, through the preservation and all the way to the presentation. This is the logic behind our range. This is our passion.

We are committed to be aware of the market trends and respect he environment and this is the background for our innovation and product development approach.

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