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Industrial Bakery Equipment For Cakes

An artful, individual cake baked in a cup-shaped mold.

 Industrial Bakery Equipment For Cakes - Dunbar Systems


An artful, individual cake baked in a cup-shaped mold, such as a muffin pan that tastes as good as it looks. Our job is to structure a baking system that allows mass production, but delivers scratch-like texture and appeal for every cupcake.

Snack Cakes

Versatile small batter cakes, often called Snack Cakes – typically frosted and sold individually packaged or from a bakery case. We’ll work with you to find the right system that can scale your snack cake recipes to size.

Sheet & Layer Cakes

Cakes come in all sizes and shapes – from round, square, half-sheet, full-sheet, individual – and More! No matter your operation, we’ll find the right bakery format that will increase your cake productivity and maximize your profits!