For all of your baking needs - including the revolutionary Auto-Bake Serpentine® oven to the traditional tunnel oven.
We offer a large variety of commercial ovens to fit your product needs including: 
Auto Bake OvenClick to EnlargeAuto-Bake Serpentine
Auto-Bake Serpentine®Oven
Dunbar Systems, Inc. is the exclusive North American representative for Auto-Bake Serpentine® Baking Systems.  Auto-Bake offers a unique serpentine® design oven which utilizes vertical space while taking up a fraction of the floor space required by more “traditional” tunnel ovens.  Therefore similar or higher production rates can be achieved in a much smaller space.
Auto-Bake has also developed their free pan system which allows the customer to use their existing baking pans in the system rather than re-pan with Auto-Bake style contained pans.
Auto-Bake’s patented oven process provides enormous advantages over conventional ovens which include:
  • Consistent bake
  • Reduced footprint
  • Energy efficient
  • Radiant or Thermal
  • Flexible
  • Zone control
  • Humidity control
  • Modular for future expansion
Auto-Bake offers several options for style of bake as required per your individual application including:
Auto Bake Electric HeatClick to Enlarge
Auto-Bake Oven - Electric Heating – Includes steam extraction and oven turbulence, heated by electric heating elements, which are divided into zones of heating, each independently controlled.  Insulated with low heat transfer insulation material sourced for the US (FDA Approved).  Heat resistant bearings, hinged oven doors for access to entire interior of oven for inspection and maintenance.  Full-length observation window.  Framework is mild steel with a zinc metal finish. Doors and exterior covers are #304 No. 4 Polished Stainless Steel.  Includes air zone temperature sensors and oven baffles.
Sigma Thermal Thermal Oil SystemClick to Enlarge
Auto-Bake Oven - Thermal Oil Heating - Includes steam extraction and oven turbulence.  The Auto-Bake Serpentine® Bakery Ovens are heated by passing hot oil through radiator plates, which are divided into zones of heating, each independently controlled. Insulated with low heat transfer insulation material (Marinite) sourced for the US (FDA Approved ) and Rockwool for insulation of the secondary pumps and piping system
Sigma Thermal Oil SystemsOur preferred supplier for Thermal Oil Systems is Sigma Thermal.  Some advantages of a thermal oil heating system include:
  • Energy savings
  • Clean, enclosed heating source
  • Efficient
  • Indirect heat ideal for baked products
  • Eliminates the need for a boiler engineer and boiler water treatment
  • Low pressure

Auto-Bake Convection AirflowClick to Enlarge
Auto-Bake Oven – Gas Fired Heating – Includes moisture extraction and oven turbulence.  Gas fired convection heat using fan-forced air injected into the commercial oven chamber by a series of feeder ducts, plenums and sparge tubes.  Auto-Bake gas fired ovens generally consist of three to four individually controlled heat zones that are horizontally separated.  A direct-fired natural gas burner mounted on the air return duct usually provides the heat source.
Henry Group Inc.Henry Group IndirectClick to Enlarge
The Henry Group Tunnel Ovens
Dunbar Systems, Inc. also represents other suppliers of ovens to accommodate any customer requirement.  Many bakeries require a tunnel oven.

Tunnel ovens are available in either a direct gas fired or indirect gas fired heating system. 

The Henry Group Indirect Gas Fired Tunnel Oven – (with Mesh, Plate, or Grid Hearth)

The indirect gas fired tunnel oven is ideal for baking a vast variety of products in pans, as well as products baked directly on the hearth.  Automatic natural gas or oil burners fire into a combustion chamber which is completely lined with high quality, high temperature Inconel and 310 stainless steel.  The heat exchanger system keeps combustion by-products outside the baking chamber allowing products to bake in heated ambient air.  The mesh hearth allows complete air circulation and uniform pattern on bottom of products. Pre-assembled and insulated exterior panels along with modular design concepts allow for faster and easier installation. 

The Henry Group Direct Gas Fired Tunnel Oven – (with Mesh, Plate, or Grid Hearth)

The direct gas fired tunnel oven is designed for baking a vast variety of products in pans, or directly on the hearth. Air turbulence provides a uniform bake with strong product side walls and shorter bake time. The baking chamber is formed of steel lining sheets with expansion joints for internal expansion without movement of the oven as it is heated.  Multiple thermocouple sensors determine bake chamber temperature and provide zoned temperature control for complete flexibility.  Individually controlled burners are located above and below the hearth for even heat distribution.  The mesh hearth allows for air circulation and uniform pattern on the bottom of products. Hearth plates are made of stainless which forms an interlocking, self-supporting level baking surface.

The Henry Group - Auxiliary Equipment for Tunnel Ovens
The Henry Group also supplies any auxiliary equipment for their tunnel ovens which may include:
Pan Grouping Conveyor - Grouper is designed to accept the pans or peel boards traveling the hard way (short dimension parallel to flow) in random order.  The pans are then accumulated into groups to fit the Proofer Loader.  The groups are then released to the Loader while holding the first pan of the next group.
Henry Group Oven LoaderClick to Enlarge
Oven Loader - For pushing pan groups onto the commercial baking oven hearth surface. Side feed cross conveyor and overhead pusher bar mechanism
Enclosure and Structure - The enclosure includes the baking chamber, structural framework, insulation and outside finish sheets.  The structural framework supports the baking chamber, mesh hearth, combustion chamber, radiator ducts, oven tower(s) including burner and recirculation blower.
Henry Group Oven UnloaderClick to Enlarge
Oven Unloader - Unloader for accepting pans from the Oven hearth.  Panned products are received onto the transfer conveyor and then aligned by the tilting roller conveyor stop. Next, the tilting roller conveyor lifts the pans and transfers them onto the discharge cross conveyor. Unloader is constructed with a mild steel tubular frame painted “steel-it” gray mounted on sanitary adjustable legs.

The Henry Group can also supply Pita Bread Ovens.

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